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For Quest

For new roleplayers a main ticket question is how the heck do we get the party together. For most folks this is done by vomiting a 20 minute worldbuilding lecture, then 20 minutes after that we get to learn how to play. Fuck that. We're getting into mechanics early, we're introducing characters, and we're figuring out how we all know each other. We can put the rest of the worldbuilding on the docket later.

Thus is born a single spread adventure called Cyprian's Sieve. This bootstrapping action is made to be run with almost no prep, it's world agnostic, and functions as a tutorial for combat. It includes 6 NPC encounters, and one boss fight. If you're looking to turbocharge your starts maybe this will be the way to do it.


Cyprians_Sieve.pdf 538 kB